Here at Cowo Como Lipomo we like international coworkers: the whole world is benvenuto!

Are you looking for an office or a workstation in Italy, away from home? Choose a Coworking! It’s the perfect opportunity to save money, meet local professionals and have access to all the services you need to work well. But not all Coworkings in Italy are the same, and not all know how to handle the needs of non-Italian customers.

Here at Como Lipomo we are always happy to welcome international coworkers: we often host professionals who come from the most diverse locations and who do not speak Italian.

So we are well equipped to handle international coworkers – both individual and teams!


  • Our Cowo© Managers speak perfect English. 
    They can welcome you, answer all your questions, provide you with the support you need, without any difficulty.
  • Our contracts are available in Italian as well as in English, for all types of services.
    There is nothing worse than having to sign up a document that is not crystal clear! With our documentation, you take no risks! You have all administrative details under control.
  • We are always available to help professionals from abroad settle in!
    Getting to know professional realities distant from our own is always stimulating. We will be happy to engage with you and help you understand the differences and points of contact between our cultures.

We look forward to seeing you a Como, in via Cantaluppi 117. Just give us a call!